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Disinfectant Perform -Id (Shulke) Sachets 30 x 40g



Code: SK122313

Perform-ID Sachets

Deep cleaning and disinfection of dental impressions through complete immersion. Broad microbiological effect with short submersion time specially formulated to respect the dimensional stability of impression materials such as alginates, silicones and polyethers. Excellent cleaning power removes blood and saliva residues. Effective against bacteria (inc. TB), fungi, viruses (inc. HBV, HCV, HIV) in 10 minutes. Uses the immersion method which means no aerosols and ensures every surface of the impression is disinfected. Cost effective: 2% concentration makes 60L in use solution from the sachets. Also available in a 900g tub.

One sachet provides 2L of in-use solution.

Contains: 30 x 40g Sachets

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