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Defibrillator Fred Easy Life Fully Automatic Metronome



Code: S71.589502

No need to initiate the analysis or trigger the shock, the machine takes care of the analysis and delivers the shock automatically.

Immediately the unit is switched the user is prompted to apply the chest electrodes, as soon as the FRED easy acquires the ECG rhythm the machine warns “Do not touch the patient” informing the user of the ongoing analysis.

If a shock is recommended the orange indicator blinks and after a 4 second countdown the shock is delivered.

If no shock is recommended and after a shock has been delivered, according to the current 2005 guidelines, the device prompts the user to commence CPR 30 chest compressions to every 2 rescue breaths.

Our metronome function aids the rescuer with a “bip” sound giving the rate and rhythm required for correct chest compressions. This “bip” starts at the end of the message “30 chest compressions then 2 rescue breaths”, which is repeated after one minute for peace of mind, the “bip” starts again until after the 2nd minute when the device advises it is starting a new analysis.

SCHILLER FRED® easy combines the following advantages:

• Extremely gentle defibrillation energy using Multipulse Biowave® (biphasic pulsed defibrillation impulse, patented)
• Compact and lightweight less than 1.5kg
• Easy to operate
• Quick charging time: <10 seconds
• Large back-lit LCD screen displays text instructions, time since switch on, number of shocks given, % of battery left & type of pads used
• Calm “English” voice prompts
• Energy settings freely configurable for any future guideline changes
• ECG, voice and event recording with FOC download software
• High performance Lithium battery 200 shocks or 5 years standby with 10 years shelf life
• Performs weekly self checks to ensure operational readiness confirmed with continuous green flashing light, low maintenance, safety check recommended after 5 years.

Multipulse Biowave® waveforms open new perspectives for the rate of survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in creating a new form of defibrillation pulse that is entirely orientated towards the natural physiological processes involved, which takes account of and complies with the key conditions and requirements of cardiac cell stimulation.

The technology has made it possible to obtain effective defibrillation with energy levels that are low enough to minimise and almost eliminate their harmful effects. The introduction of this new defibrillation waveform finally makes it possible to increase the rate of survival in out-of-hospital defibrillation.

AED Includes:

Non rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery

1 pair of adult electrode pads

Soft carry case

SD Card & Software CD

User manual

Optional Extras

ECG on screen £ 300.00

Metronome £ 100.00

Additional services from defibshop.co.uk include:

Free battery and pad reminder service (to make sure you order replacements before they expire)

Free pads if the defib is used within the first 2 years (maximum 2 sets)

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