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Calasept Plus Flexi Tips x 100 (Nordiska)

Calasept Plus Flexitips - Calcium Hydroxide x 100

Calasept Plus is pure calcium hydroxide, it is a ready-to-use paste in air tight syringe for direct application through the Flexi-Tip.The very high concentration of > 41% in combination with optimal calcium ion release generates the extremely efficient and long-lasting antimicrobial effect. Calasept Plus is radio-opaque.The air tight syringes eliminate the risk of incorporating air into calcium hydroxide turning the material into calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is not possible to re-wet into calcium hydroxide. The new production process gives Calasept Plus a consistency that allows the calcium hydroxide to be applied using small and flexible plastic needle, Flexi-Tip. The autoclavable Flexi-Tip in combination with the smooth consistency is time saving and helps for precise and deep application.


Calcium hydroxide >41%
Barium sulphate
Sterile isotonic saline solution
pH 12.4


Temporary root-filling
Pulp capping
Pulp protection
Insulation in deep cavities
Stepwise excavation


Very fine and easy to insert into most root canals. Produced in an extremely flexible plastic and can be autoclaved before use if deemed necessary. Fit onto standard luer-lock syringes.

Code: DDLIC072

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