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Thick Bleach 5% x 5 Litre

Description: Powerful thick formula effective against all pathogenic organisms. Contains added detergents for improved cleaning. Pot-pourri fragrance keeps drains and toilets fresh and sweet smelling.

Application: Use product undiluted for drains, toilets, hard surfaces etc. For general disinfection use the product diluted 1 part to 80 parts water. IMPORTANT: Bleach solution should be used with care and stored safely. Bleach can cause damage to carpets, fabrics, plastic, lino floor coverings and many other common materials. N.B. Do not mix with other cleaners. Keep separate from acids. Do not use on metals surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome, etc.

Accreditation: All surfactants contained in this product meet the requirements of the EU Detergent Directive 2005 – 2004/648/EC. This requires all surfactants to break down both quickly and completely into harmless material such as CO2 and water. Statutory Conditions. All biocides/disinfectant/preservatives contained within this product fully comply with the EU Biocidal product Directive 98/8/EC, ensuring a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment.

May cause respiratory irritation. Symptoms/effects after skin contact : Burns. Symptoms/effects after eye contact : Causes serious eye damage. Symptoms/effects after ingestion : Burns.

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