Bur Tungsten Carbide (Unodent) De-Bonding Orthodontic Ra 014-204 Non-Sterile x 5

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De Bonding Bur 014-204 Tungsten Carbide RA Qty: 5


What is it?

Carbide burs are made of tungsten carbide, a metal that is extremely hard (about three times stiffer than steel) and can withstand high temperatures. Because of their hardness, carbide burs can maintain a sharp cutting edge and be used many times without becoming dull. However, carbide burs are brittle and have a tendency to fracture under pressure. They are best operated at high speeds with light pressure.

What is it used for?

Carbide burs are used most commonly for excavating and preparing cavities, finishing cavity walls, finishing restoration surfaces, drilling old fillings, finishing crown preparations, contouring bone, removing impacted teeth, and separating crowns and bridges. Carbide burs are defined by their shank and by their head. The type of handpiece being used determines which type of shank is needed