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Chlorine Disinfection Solutions Used In Infection Control

Chlorine is the chemical recommended by the Department of Health for the safe disinfection of blood and body fluid spills and for general environmental disinfection. However, hypochlorite solutions are unstable, bulky to store, may be hazardous and are readily inactivated by organic matter such as blood.

By contrast chlorine tablets made with NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) are stable, compact and the solutions made up from them are more effective in the presence of organic matter. 5 Most importantly they provide a simple method for hospital staff to make up chlorine solutions for effective disinfection in wards, theatres, clinics and departments.

Guest Medical Haz-Tabs are formulated using NaDCC , and when used with the appropriate diluter provide a safe, efficient and simple method to make up a correct strength chlorine solution for effective environmental disinfection. Simple to follow instructions for use are printed on the tablet containers, diluters and are also available as posters.
Haz-Tabs Diluters

Haz-Tab diluters are designed to make it simple and safe for ward staff to make up the correct strength of chlorine solution for the disinfection of blood-spills (10,000 ppm) or for general environmental disinfection(1,000 ppm).

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Presept Tablets 2.5grm x 100 (Chlorene Release)


Presept Tablets 2.5grm x 100 (Chlorene Release)

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Handle/Stale (Broom) Interchangeable Green x 1 (Colour Coded)

Chlor-Clean Tabs x 100


Chlor-Clean Tabs x 100

Mop Bucket Oval With Sieve Red 7 Ltr (Colour Coded)


Mop Bucket Oval With Sieve Red 7 Ltr (Colour Coded)

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