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Tooth extraction – What to expect and advice on aftercare
Dental World discusses what to expect from a tooth extraction and provides advice on aftercare. They cover expected pains, the intentional formation of a blood clot, potential complications, and their resolutions.
Gloves - Latex Allergies Explained
Medical World covers some frequently asked questions about Latex Gloves and possible allergies
The Importance of Colour Coded Products in Medical Environments
Colour coding of medical practice cleaning materials and equipment ensures that these items are not used in multiple areas, therefore, reducing the risk of cross- infection The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has developed a National Colour Coding Scheme for cleaning materials. The recommendation is that all NHS organisations adopt this code as standard in order to improve the safety of medical practice cleaning, ensure consistency and provide clarity for staff.
A Historical Insight into the Evolution of Medical Latex Gloves
Medical World explores a brief history of medical latex gloves, covering Obstetrician John Walbaum, Dermatologist Joesph Plenk, Thomas Foster, and more